You Can Lose Weight For Good by Audrey Jones

Making some small changes to your daily routine could help you lose weight, painlessly. Some of those changes would be good for the environment, too, starting with driving less and walking more.

If you are about to hop in the car for a trip that will last less than 5 minutes, why not walk or ride your bike, instead? You may not realize how many times you use the car, when the walk might take only 20 or 30 minutes. With a bike, you can probably make it in the same length of time, because these trips are usually made at low speeds.

People with small kids can invest in a good stroller for short trips and the kids will actually have a good time. If you consider how long it takes to strap the kids into their car seats, you may save time by pulling out the stroller, instead.

Another suggestion that you may have already seen is to park farther away from the building. Wherever you are going (whether to work or to shop) park as far away as possible and walk to the building, if you want to lose weight.

If you are going shopping, take a trip around the store, first, before you buy anything, just to get the exercise. If you are at the grocery store, go up and down each one of the aisles, just for the walk. You might not think that you have the time to take these extra steps, but you can work them into your schedule, if you try.

If you like to watch TV, you might also consider investing in a recumbent bike for the living room or a set of elastic strength training bands. You can get a little exercise while you are watching your favorite program.

Another way to lose weight painlessly, according to some of the popular diet doctors is to switch from drinking coffee to drinking green tea. If you normally drink 5 cups of coffee per day, Japanese researchers have said that drinking that much green tea will help you burn an extra 70 to 80 calories. It would take a few months for that to equal out to a pound lost, but still, it is an easy thing to do. So, it is worth making the switch.

When you go shopping for groceries, be sure that you have a list and that you have eaten recently. When you need to lose weight, grocery shopping can be very challenging. Try to stick with your list, as much as possible. The displays and free samples are designed to attract your attention and tempt you into buying. Try to be strong.

It helps to have a buddy go shopping with you. The two of you can keep each other motivated. Make the majority of your diet fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and whole grains like oatmeal. Use meats and fatty foods sparingly. Go easy on salad dressings and you should start to lose weight, without going hungry.

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